Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grapes of Wrath

This Saturday my sister, her friend, and I run an extreme obstacle course for charity. It was located at 13th St winery in St. Catharines (you can read more about it HERE). It was only 5K but there were 13 obstacles. I attempted all but completed only 12, I'm terrified of heights and could not scale a wall, instead I was punished with 20 burpees... after which I wished I attempted the wall harder :)

It wasn't easy, I need to work on my upper body strength... but it was incredibly fun. We were treated to lunch by Subway, wine or beer, and all the water we could stomach :) Each participant received a baggie of goodies which included a t-shirt, and as we crossed the finished line we were awarded dog tags, which I love most of all.
Awesome husband did not participate, but was there to cheer us on and document our adventure. Here is me on top of a mud hill, right after I wadded through a ditch filled with pond water, and what I'm sure was manure because we all smelled like it :)


  1. This sounds like fun!! You look like you were having fun and the dog tags are awesome too.

    1. it was will be doing another one soon :)