Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rachel Zoe Beau Vachetta Leather Heels

Second pair of shoes I acquired at Holt's this season. Not as cheap as my Michael Kors pumps, these were still worth the money. The leather is so soft, and the platform doesn't make them feel as high as they actually are. So not only are they pretty, and comfortable... they were also 50% off.
It has been suggested that I wear them with skinny jeans... I agreed to think about it :)

Ps. On Monday Jay and I saw Dark Night Rises (IMAX experience version :)). We enjoyed it so much. Really I was surprised by how much I liked this film. But I couldn't help but wonder how the bad guy eats and drinks with that contraption on his face… it's possible that I missed that point during the film...

We also saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes at home on Netflix… and this left me wondering what will the apes eat living in the Redwood forest… Is there a sequel coming to this movie?

Food is a very important part of the story line for me :)


  1. Cute shoes! I love platform heels for the same reason: they make me taller without too big of an arch, so my feet don't tire out as quickly. I think they would look lovely with a dark skirt, as well. :-)

    ~ Yun