Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rachel Zoe Sharon Wedge Sandal

The day I purchased my Michael Kors and Rachel Zoe shoes at Holts, I was actually torn between two pairs of Rachel Zoe's.  I liked these really awesome wedges, Jay really liked the heels (which I bought).

Now I didn't buy them just because Jay liked them, I bought them because when I asked the SA for the other wedge he came back from the storeroom empty handed, and informed me that they unfortunately only have the one shoe, a stock shipment mishap; and so I decided to buy the heels since there was no decision to be made.

However I've been dreaming about those wedges, they were stupidly high, but also ubberly comfortable. Couple weeks later, and still fantasizing about those wedges, on a whim I typed in "Rachel Zoe shoes" into my Google search bar… I ended up in shoppers heaven... My heart did a little flip-flop when I saw my wedges with an even bigger discount than at Holts; even after adding in duties (shipping was free) they were still $60 less than what I would have spent at Holts. Only two pairs were left in two different sizes. A reviewer recommended sizing up by 1/2 size, double checking my Rachel Zoe heels, it seemed like a good idea....

Now I placed this order Aug. 9 around 6pm, I had this box in my hands by 4pm on Aug. 10... that was the quickest shipping I've ever experienced.
 This pair is brand spanking new, and unlike my Holt's purchase I even received a shoe dust bag for my sandals.
 and here are my ridiculously awesome Rachel Zoe wedges… this woman does a good shoe…
* Heel: 5.25" (135 mm)
* Platform: 2.5" (60 mm)
Oh yes bought at 70% off original price… SWEET!!!!!!


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Here is the link to my post

  2. ARGH!!! I love these so much! So gorgeous and they look super comfy xx


    1. i know! :) i'm so glad i found them :)