Friday, August 10, 2012

Strange Beautiful nail polish swatch - Taupe (from Anthropologie)

Purchased early in December at Anthropologie in Toronto. I went into that store in search of Sheinwai polish. I didn't see it. When Jay asked if they carry any nail polish, we were navigated to a clearance table with 5 bottles. Two were this shade, three were clear. None of them had any names or numbers to id them by. Still I picked up this brownish, taupe like color, because the price was soooo right.
Speaking of price. Now that I know what kind of mark-down I can expect at Anthro, I realized I will never pay full price for polish there. I'd rather miss out, the shade selling out than spend $22 on something that eventually goes for $3.95. I know this might appear quite non-sensical as I purchase CHANEL, Dior, YSL and many other polishes which are in the upper dollar range… but hey they don't exactly go on sale for 80% off.

Anywho, the products I used for my mani:
 I don't know what I expected form this nail polish, but my first coat went on really light and sheer, I congratulated myself on not paying $22 for it. On the other hand for a mini polish (only 9ml) the brush is surprisingly good. The polish consistency felt watery. It took several strokes to spread the product, but the polish didn't dry crazy fast so it was workable.

In the end I decided on 3 coats of Taupe. Looking closely at my  nails some unevenness and blotchiness still peeks through. But that could be attributed to my nail painting skills or lack of.

By the way China Glaze Fairy Dust is one of my all time favorite accent polishes.

Moving on to swatches. The clear square bottle cap slips off, so you're left holding a nice small easy to maneuver cap. The color, a shade of ugly that doesn't play well with a tan, but I'm liking it nevertheless.
Description that was on Anthro website, when they still had this in stock:
Taupe: yellowy-brown, inspired by a painting by the artist Hieronymous Bosch


  1. oooh it looks beautiful with the glitter top coat! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. i know Fairy Dust is the best :)