Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Strange Beautiful Nail Polish: Volume 4 and Volume 5

I first stumbled upon Strange Beautiful nail polishes when I bought this little gem at Anthropologie… and vowed never to pay full price for it…. I should just dump the word "never" from my vocabulary... because soon after a slight obsession began...

This lead to some online browsing and I learned a thing or two about this line. The creator is Jane Shaub, she's an artist. The collection is all about color, this is not a line that caters to maintenance of nails, it's only aim is to keep them beautifully hued.

Collections are 3-free. Come packaged in a clear box for easy storage. They sort of resemble book volumes. All volumes I heard are limited edition. I couldn't resist the call of Volume 4 and Volume 5. Really I want all 7 but my wallet won't allow it.

The names of the shades reflect the things that inspired the color…. so…. some are rather disturbingly curious like "Menstral Last Day", " Gradation of Bruise"… and some are curiously beautiful like "The Gray Blue Heron", "Aged Chartreuse", "Borscht"... However none of the bottles are labeled so really all I can do is guess as to which is which anyways.

But there is also a kicker. For all the "limited edition" label assigned to this line, there seem to be different versions. For example original Volume5 had 8 shades, but the one I acquired has 10…not that I'm disappointed,but I am confused when it comes to identifying the color inspiration behind the shade, (8 inspirations, 10 shades???? hmmmm) And how is it limited edition if there is a re-release??? Well if there wasn't I wouldn't have any at all, but you know what I'm saying.
Pictured below Volume 4...
 and Volume 5...
 I labeled the boxes... but have no clue with regards to individual shades...
Anywho, Strange Beautiful craving satisfied for now… swatches will eventually make an appearance. Although I'm not sure how fun that will be without a color name to assign…


  1. Replies
    1. i hope they look as pretty on :)

  2. Pretty collections! But odd that they don't label individual polishes. I think that would drive me crazy. :D

    ~ Yun

    1. i know what you mean, I'm trying not to be bothered by it but it does bother me :)

  3. Such nice colors...its a shame they aren't labeled though!

    1. it is a shame because some of the inspirations are so unusual, I don't really want to guess if this is it... i want to know :)