Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the Chicago haul

My sister and I spent 5 days in Chicago... well actually I would say 4 and a bit. We walked our asses off, I lost 5lbs and my feet look battered, I can't even explain how they feel. But we took in so many sights, and had a truly wonderful time. A Chicago trip wouldn't be complete without a bit of shopping, so let me show you what I spent my pennies on...

We have Victoria's Secret in Toronto, but 5 pairs for $25 is a good deal, and I just found the goldfish panties adorable... plus you can never have too many pairs of colorful panties...
 hot pink shorts from J Crew... we enjoyed a heat wave in Chicago, extremely hot days and unusually warm nights... I needed these... they were also on sale and that always makes me happy :)
 Karen Millen top... you guessed it on sale... I just loved the dip in the neckline and the flower cutout detail...
 ok moving onto things I paid full price for, from left to right
- Erno Laszlo Tinted Treatment from Nordstrom
- Shiseido 42 Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 PA+++ from Macy's
- Tom Ford Pink Crush nail polish from Neiman Marcus
- RGB Nail Foundation F1 from space 519
- RGB Seal nail polish from space 519
 I couldn't just walk by Sephora :) I picked up:
Boscia Purifying Black Cleanser
two Clarisonic brushes for acne prone skin
and a Laura Mercier 500 bonus point perk which contains: mascara, lip gloss, black karat baked eye color, black gold kohl eye pencil, and a foundation primer
 from Adagio tea a zodiac blend for moi... it smells delicious... Adagio got it right Bergamot is one of my all time fave flavors and scents...
 after three days of walking in very unwise choice of flip-flops I didn't want to touch my feet much less take another step... my wise sis steered me towards Bloomingdale's shoe department and I walked out with these on my feet... these Sperry's are so comfortable and pretty at the same time... very cushion-y with pretty pink detail that is covered with clear sequins for a bit of sparkle in sunshine... oh yes they were on sale, which  made them that much more appealing :)
 these great wide pants I purchased at the Field Museum of Natural History, they were the only ones on the rack in this color and in my size... I just grabbed them... felt a bit torn about paying the sticker price of $69 but I liked them too much to put them back.... at the cash register I was pleasantly surprised when they swiped at $32...
 last but not least, and not a sale item, this simple crystal headband from J Crew... it sparkles so prettily... picture is a bit bland as it was raining outside... 
and that's it... tomorrow back to work... baaaaaaa!!!!


  1. Wow you bought some great stuff I'm glad you had a great time! I would love to visit America and see all the sights, I need to start saving that's for sure!




    1. yes the trip was fantastic as was the shopping :) Highly recommend Chicago as a destination stop, that city has so much to offer, I wish I could have stayed for a few more days :)

  2. What an awesome trip! Chicago is one city I'd love to visit some day! Those Sperry's look awesome!

    1. it was a great trip... Chicago has some great places to eat, we didn't have one bad meal :)... and sis has a way of spotting the best shoes ever :)