Thursday, August 30, 2012

the devil made me do it :)

Excerpt from "The Devil Wears Prada" by Lauren Weisberger:

... "I created it," she announced, smiling at her hand and looking at me.  I looked to Emily for an explanation, a hint as to who this might be, but she was on the phone again.  I thought the girl was referring to the ring, meant that she had actually designed it, but then she said, "Isn't it a gorgeous color? It's one coat Marshmallow and one coat Ballet Slipper. Actually, Ballet Slipper came first, and then a topcoat to finish it off.  It's perfect - light colored without looking like you painted your nails with White Out. I think I'll use this every time I get a manicure!" ...

oh jeez... the minute I read Marshmallow and Ballet Slipper I thought to myself "those are Essie nail polish names, and I have them". I never thought of layering them until I read that.  It seems so obvious, why not??? However it's Ballet Slippers not Ballet Slipper... so maybe not Essie ;)

Products used in order of application:
1. Essie, First Base - base coat
2. One coat of Essie, Ballet Slippers - sheer pale pink color
3. One coat of Essie, Marshmallow - sheer cloudy white color
4. Nicole by OPI, Step 2 the Beat of My ♥  on my pinkie- sometimes it can be a challenge to just grab one heart and not come up empty
5. Essie, To Dry For - top coat
6. Zoya, Hurry Up - speed drying drops
 Because Ballet Slippers and Marshmallow are both sheer colors, I find this mani looks best from a distance. Closeups reveal slight unevenness of application, and no one will really analyze your nails like that. So with this mani I decided to skip the extreme closeup.
(I actually might photograph all my manis this way from now on. That way I spare you the horror of my cuticles and my inability to stay "within the lines" :) )
 This is the only natural light shot, it was a rainy day in Toronto when I decided to due this mani... this is the best mother nature could do...
 As I'm typing this up, and I glance at my nails I am very pleased with how it turned out. The girl in the book was right, your nails don't look painted with whiteout, they are the palest shade of barely there pink. It's a  really nice combination.


  1. Yes, it's definitely a lovely and soft result that doesn't look like whiteout. I like the heart you added... very cute! :-)

    ~ Yun