Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a-england: Iseult- nail polish swatch

I purchased Iseult along with three other shades a little while ago, when a-england site had a 'free shipping' offer (maybe they still do). Now that I paint my nails every 2-3 days, I am always torn over which shade to choose. Close to 300 bottles accumulated over 3 years makes this choice difficult. I've stopped trying to make up my own mind, and use to make my decision for me :) Iseult was the lucky winner of the last chance draw.

Mani products in order of application:

Zoya Anchor - base coat (really quite lovely, I have a few different brands, but this might be the one I repurchase once I use them up)

a-england: Isulet - two coats (I was torn if I should do a 3rd or not, but in the end decided against it… this polish might be a bit sheer, (as in if I had long nails, you'd probably notice a nail line), but it applies so smoothly and evenly that I just decided against it)

Deborah Lipmann: Some Enchanted Evening - accent on my ring finger, this is the perfect complimentary layer to Iseult, these two are meant to be together.

Seche Vite - top coat, is growing on me… plus it's always on sale at Winners these days

Zoya Hurry Up - drying drops

The formula is outstanding… with my first brush stroke I was in love with Iseult. Application was smooth and even, this polish has the perfect viscosity. I hope this is true for the whole color range and not for just this one :)

Color described as "delicate romantic pink with opalescent pearly reflection" is 100% accurate.


  1. This is truly pretty- I love delicate pinks like this! and the glitter went perfect!

    1. i know colors like this are so soft and romantic... lol... i always think "i'd wear this if i was getting married now" :)