Thursday, September 13, 2012

Erno Laszlo Shake-It Tinted Treatment

I don't know where to buy Erno Laszlo products in Toronto, or if they are even available. I've been curious about this line for a little while, specifically this product, so I made sure to pick it up while in Chicago.

Now, it is recommended that you use EL products as a regimen this being step #4, but I didn't want to drop that kind of money. I also figured if this is any good, I will note the effects regardless.

Now what is this product, and why did I buy it. I have oily skin, no primer, foundation, powder that I've tried to date lasts without me having to blot withing 3-4 hours after application. This product is 80% treatment and 20% pigment, and it's supposed to lock in moisture, tighten pores and control excess oil. As you can see the product splits and needs a good shake before use. The clear part is Cosmetic Alcohol that is non-drying to your skin. It evaporates very quickly once applied.

To use shake, soak a cotton pad with the product, swipe onto face right after moisturizing, let dry, and even out any streaks with fingertips. Then if preferred apply some more, or follow with foundation. Of course EL would like you to use theirs, but I use whatever I have on hand that day.

This product comes in a number of shades, mine is #916 Neutral, which I feel is a bit light for my face, but because it applies very very sheer, once I have foundation on it makes no difference.

Does it work? Somewhat. Right after application my face is devoid of any shine, but it doesn't last. Depending on what foundation I use I still need to blot after 4-5 hours of wear. It's a slight improvement, but not enough to have me saying yes to a repurchase. It might work better if I actually used EL step 1-3 prior to step 4, but I'm not tempted to open my wallet.

The good about this product. True to claim it hasn't dried out my skin, and I've had no breakouts from using this. I like it, but don't love it. Will use it up, after all I did pay good money for it, and who knows maybe I'll stumble upon step #4 + foundation combo that will work for me :)


  1. You can now buy the whole line at Murale in Toronto:

    1. awesome, thanks so much for letting me know :)