Friday, September 7, 2012

Estée Lauder: Black Iris - nail polish swatch

I bought this polish for one reason and one reason only… I could not find a swatch of it anywhere, and curiosity just got the best of me. Seriously I spent good hour on Aug 15th trolling the web for a beauty blog or any blog that had something other than Estée Lauder's promotional stock photos and the pr description of "Black with an avant-garde violet twist".

However the purchase wasn't exactly hard to make as EL polishes are my fave high-end polishes; and it's not so much because of the formula (which is fabulous by the way), but the packaging. I just freaking love this heavy cube of glass which looks like it's filled with a round ball of polish. If they ever change their packaging, they will probably drop from the number 1 spot in my books :)

Anywho moving on to some swatches of this "avant-garde" twisted polish :)

First the line up of products for the mani; in order of use:
Zoya Anchor - base
Estée Lauder: Black Iris - two coats
I planned to use this accent but didn't so disregard the middle product
Seche Vite - top coat
Zoay Hurry Up - drying drops
 the color in the bottle looks black but upon closer inspection you can see that it is not...
 color, extremely dark... Black Iris is true to name... I don't think it's unique but I love EL formula and packaging so no regrets with this purchase... I only need a steadier hand during application :)

and a scene from "I'm hearing you, but I am not listening" aka my life...
 Wednesday night, watching tv, sipping a glass of wonderful...
Me so mellow and happy: "Baby, this is a really good drink. What's in it?"
Jay: "It's really simple, pear syrup, vodka, cranberry juice and ice.
Me with disbelief and a bit of outrage: "What?! There is no alcohol in this?!"
Jay giving me a confused look in a steady, slow voice: "As I said, pear syrup, vodka....
Me laughing because I'm an idiot: "oh yeah vodka...."
Jay slowly shakes his head.
end scene.... :)


  1. thank you! Like you, I spend time searching for EL nail swatches and usually wind up disappointed. Hoping the new fall collections will change that- they are gorgeous!

    1. i know their fall collection is so awesome... well just the nail paint, I can live without the eyeshadow palette :)