Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lush: Breath of God Toothy Tabs

This was an impulse purchase at the Lush counter during checkout :) It happens.

This is toothpaste in pill form. It comes in a matchbox sized cardboard pack and the tabs are about the size of an asprin. I appreciate the concept. If these were to spill in my purse, no biggie… a tube of toothpaste (even a travel sized one) on the other hand makes a big mess.

How do these work you may ask? Well you pop one of these in your mouth and break it up with your teeth. DO NOT SWALLOW! Then you stick your toothbrush in your mouth (I wet mine first) and brush away. It foams up really well, doesn't have a gritty feeling, although the tab doesn't melt away and I do spit out pieces of it along with the foam build up. Not pretty, my tab choice being a shade of beige :)

However it is a great toothpaste alternative, and my mouth feels clean and pleasant after using it.

A note on the flavor I chose. There are 7 different ones, I purchased "Breath of God" as I thought it was going to be supper minty, I was wrong. Breath of God has practically no flavor, it is very bland. As I am crushing up the pill with my teeth I tastes a bit salty to me, but it's a very settle salty taste. Once I have brushed and rinsed no residual flavor is left in my mouth.

But that is my personal opinion, and it's possible that I have no taste buds whatsoever. Because I checked the Lush website and according to them Breath of God toothy tabs are a combo of sandalwood, vanilla, and fennel… Their verbatim description:
"A complex and earthy flavor: This tab tastes like a blend of vanilla and black licorice, with a hint of smoky sandalwood."
ummmmmm… so I'm obviously taste challenged :)

I was so used to minty flavored toothpaste, that at the beginning I wasn't sure how I felt about it. But having used up more than half of this pack, I must say that I kind of like it.

I will definitely repurchase toothy tabs… I'm curious about a few flavors:
Ultrablast - intense minty (what I originally wanted :))
Chou Chou... I Love You - fresh lemons and fragrant roses
Sparkle - vanilla flavor with a hint of Sicilian lemon and grapefruit

I wonder what I'll taste as I'm crushing them up :)

Lastly toothy tabs are vegan, my pack contained 40 tabs and set me back $3.95 CAD, well worth it I say.

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