Tuesday, September 11, 2012

new kicks

My previous pair joined the Tough Mudder sacrificial running shoe mountain... they were beyond saving in my opinion. I've wanted a pair of lime green runners since the Olympics. If you watched any of the track events,  you would have noticed that majority of Olympians wore lime green on their feet.

After my Chicago vacation, I went and I splurged. These Nike Free Run 3.0's are incredibly light and comfortable. Being totally delusional, I feel as if I run faster with these on my feet :)

The word that comes to mind when I put these on is squishy. They are very soft and very light. I think they are Nike's answer to barefoot running trend. In which case I need to review if I need to learn to walk before I learn to run in these :), because I've been just running in them, and it has been fun, no knee or ankle pain, so I'm really happy with my new kicks :)


  1. CUTE!! I need a new pair soon so I'll have to look at these! I usually get New Balance or Nikes so perfect!

    1. i'll be a little sad when i dirty those up... they look so awesome on :)