Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sample: Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm

A sample insert in a magazine led me to test out a BB cream by Maybelline. BB creams are all the rage, and everyone seems to have their own version. I have so much foundation that I just decided not to climb onto that band wagon yet.
If you are one of the unfortunates who hasn't heard about BB creams yet, I suggest you just Google it. You'll be flooded with much better explanations than I could ever write. I'm just going to gloss it over by saying that BB creams claim to be all in one product. The one by Maybelline advertises 8 benefits to your face:
     1. Helps blur the look of imperfections.
     2. Creates a natural looking glow.
     3. Skin looks visibly smoother.
     4. Compliments skin tone.
     5. Lightweight texture.
     6. Hydrates.
     7. Feels fresh.
     8. Oil free.

So free is free, and the sample pack identified the shade as 'Light/Medium' which I was sure is the shade I would have chosen for myself. It has foundation like consistency and no scent. It matched me perfectly and blended in so seamlessly, I was in awe. For a product light in coverage, this evened out my skin tone very well. I was surprised by how much the redness was diminished; and it looked flawless too. With my fingers I was able to smooth it in without any streaks or issues. I did not use a primer, and it did not settle into my pores. My skin looked so pretty right after. It was matiffied but not matte, it had a glow but no oiliness. I was hoping it would last.

Sadly, it didn't. Three hours later I had to blot something fierce, my t-zone glared, and BB cream seemed to have disappeared. So first impressions while very positive did not stand the test of my face :)
This is a nice affordable product, but like with anything else it's not for everybody, definitely not for me. But I'm planning on visiting Sephora soon and scoring a few BB samples from other brands, maybe I'll fare better :)

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