Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CocoVie Hand & Body Cream in Rose Petals

Picked this up along with a shampoo a few months back at a Green Living show... I'm no longer 100% sure what it cost... but I do believe that the show had a special of 'buy 2 for $25'. I didn't use it for a long time as I was working through my ginormous bottle of Kheil's Creme de Corps :) then I tired this product which I hated more and more each day and just threw it out after couple of weeks.

Then I reached for Rose Petals by CocoVie, made with 100% organic coconut oil and essential oils it just sounded good. Plus a little sniff and sample at the show had me in love with both fragrance and texture of this stuff. It doesn't smell like coconut at all, is smells delicately of rose petals just as the name indicates. The fragrance is intoxicating, my first post shower proof, as I'm sitting next to Jay he leans over inhales deeply and says 'mmmm wow you smell good' :) 

I shower at night, because I tend to work out once I get home from the job... this scent is comforting, but not overpowering, and in the morning I can't detect it at all. My skin is soft and moisturized and I'm free to apply any fragrance I choose without worry that the scent will clash with my body cream.
Texture is deliciously thick and luxurious. I don't need a lot to cover my body, but I can't help but slather this on... I'm going to use this 150g tube up faster than I expected to :) It spreads easily, absorbs wonderfully, and leaves my skin feeling supple and glowy :)
Oh yes this is a definite reorder... I think for the next few winter months I'll be alternating between this stuff and Kheil's :)