Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SheaTerra Organics Rose Water Shea Butter Hand Crème

Fall is upon us. I'm transitioning from my citrusy light summery scents, to more heavy heady warm vanilla and rose ones.

Thats me spring/summer = citrus, fall/winter = vanilla-rose.

Since my love for rose based fragrances is growing as days are getting shorter and colder, I was looking forward to give a jar of rose water hand cream from SheaTerra Organics a try.
The cream is incredibly thick and rich, and a very bright shade of white in color. No dry chapped winter hands here. The rose water scent is hard to describe, it definitely has a rose note, but it's more organic. It lingers for a little bit. It's nice, but not as nice as my body cream.
Instructions on the packaging suggest to use a tool to scoop the cream out, but I moisturize my hands after they've been washed, and so I just use my fingers :)

I'm a cream-lotion addict. What some may qualify as greasy, I see as just right. This stuff takes a while to sink in, I don't mind it... but I know not all will like shiny hands. If you want a heavy cream but hate the 'greasy' feeling, I suggest using this before bedtime, maybe even with a pair of gloves.
Packaged in a dark brown glass jar, it looks pretty next to my sink. This jar set me back $18.99 CAD + tax... maybe a little pricey for a hand cream, but I've paid more before... and this stuff feels like it was worth it :)

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