Thursday, November 22, 2012

Boscia Clear Complexion Tonic

When the time came for me to re-stock the toner situation on my bathroom shelf, I decided to try something new. After some browsing, reading and comparing I purchased Boscia's Clear Complexion Tonic.  I've been really happy with everything I've tried from this line so far and wanted to build on my Boscia experience.

This toner is geared towards 'problem skin', that's me :) It's also preservative free (nice), dermatologist tested (wonder how many, and what kind of testing), and non-comedogenic (well I hope so, it's supposed to prevent acne, not cause them), alcohol-free (good I may be oily, but I don't want to dry out my face), pH balanced (ok), 100% artificial fragrance and color free (I am pleased), and no animal testing or animal products (that makes me feel good).

It claims to clarify, purify, and refine all without irritation.  It contains lavender and serine to help skin maintain it's moisture while making it soft and supple, sasa kurilensis water which supposedly helps to control excess oil production, as well as willow bark which we all now is a natural Beta Hydorxy acid that aims to make my pores smaller :)

This is a spray toner, just close your eyes and mist your freshly cleansed face. Of course you can saturate a cotton pad first if preferred and then swipe, but why would you want to. The atomizer dispenses fine mist, that feels so pleasant as it hits my face, I have hard time controlling my index finger, and stopping :) It has a light 'green' scent that disperses quickly. My face feels refreshed and comfortable once the toner dries down.

So far I've used up about 1/3 of the bottle, and I'm loving this stuff. It simply makes my face feel good... and since I haven't had major breakouts in a little while I guess the claim holds true and it's also purifying :)

I'm curious about Jurlique Citrus tonner as well... will try it, but Boscia's Clear Complexion Tonic makes it onto the 'possible future repurchase' list :)

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