Saturday, November 24, 2012

CHANEL Brillant Extreme Glossimer in Mystery #357, and a dupe of sorts...

I have added another CHANEL Glossimer to my collection on Nov. 4th. This time around I chose Mystery from the Holiday 2012 collection.
It's a lovely 'nude' kind of rosy shade... a perfect 'everyday' kind of shade... 'your lips but better' kind of shade... in a word a 'Lucy' kind of shade... I couldn't resit it.
The color is one-dimensional, there is not sparkle or shimmer in this formula.
It applies evenly, has no discernible taste or smell...
Feels very comfortable on the lips... a plus for many, it's non-sticky (for me personally that is not really a factor)
The color payoff on your lips will depend largely on your kissers' natural pigmentation. I fall somewhere in the medium range, not pale, but no super dark natural lips either. This is a really pretty, purse worthy shade.
But as I was swatching and photographing a little voice in my head kept telling me that I already have something like it... so I went to browse through my appropriately sized collection :)... and lo and behold the little voice was right, I have something 'like it' but not exactly 'it'. A close dupe in my stash is Estée Lauder's High Gloss lip gloss in Blush #11. A shade I wore along with Estée Lauder's Double Wear Stay-in-Place lip pencil in Rose 04 last year on my wedding day.

All three swatched below...
So EL's color is close, but not quite there. Mystery has bit more pink in it, and Blush has very fine gold shimmer suspended in the formula, which shows up above with flash, but not below in natural light.
Below one last shot of Mystery paired with EL's lip pencil. I outlined and lightly filled in my lips with the pencil before painting over with the gloss... a nice combo if I say so myself :)
On a side note... I should probably do a thorough review of my makeup inventory before I go shopping... still no regrets with regards to Mystery :)


  1. Mystery on top of Chanel Rouge Allure #88 is a stunning combination!!

    1. ohhh i'm going to have to check it out :) thank you for the suggestion :)

  2. I love chanel glossimer, the formula is such high quality and I am another one of those people that hate sticky lip glosses. Your blog is so informative, I am a new #1 audience :)!

    1. thank you Jenny :) it seems once you try a glossimer you just can't stop at one :)