Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

When it was time to invest in a new night-time cleanser (late October), I decided on Boscia's Detoxifying Black Cleanser, because I have yet to be disappointed by this line.

This cleanser reacts with water, and you'll feel a slight warming sensation on your face. It doesn't last for very long, but it feels nice.  This product is meant to deeply cleanse your skin, dissolving dirt, oil, and makeup while minimizing the size of the pores (like whateeeever!!! to the last claim).

It contains some lovely sounding ingredients:
Artichoke Leaf Extract - aims to improve elasticity and tightens pore walls (ok, maybe for a few min)
Charcoal - detoxifies, and is the ingredient reponsible for removing all the grime 
Glycolic Acid - clarifies and smooths skin 
Vitamin C - brightens, minimizes fine lines, combats free radicals
Looks like charcoal, smells lovely. Well I like it, it's a gentle green scent (eucalyptus maybe... even-though I don't think it's one of the ingredients :)
I love this cleanser... At the end of the day, combined with my Clarisonic it does a wonderful job of cleansing my face. I have oily (sometimes combination complexion), and I never felt like this product is too strong for me. However I think if you categorize yourself as someone with normal/ dry skin, you might find this cleanser too drying and harsh, and if you decide to use it, it would most likely be a once in a while type thing for you. But for me personally, this joins the Boscia list of tried and loved, and worth the price tag $34 CAD ($28 USD) for a 5oz bottle.


  1. I have heard a lot about this brand but I don't think we can get it in the UK? This cleanser sounds great. x

  2. Oooh this looks so interesting. I also have oily/combination skin. I will have to try this out. Thanks for the recommendation! :-)

    ~ Yun