Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day Haul :)

Jay and I usually don't fare well on Boxing Day. We go out with intent of scoring some deals, we come back home with a few purchases bought at regular price... because we didn't like anything that was on sale... and never have the stamina to handle the crowds for very long...

This year wasn't much different, although I did score more sale items than I anticipated (I identified which ones)... but around 1pm Jay started to come down with a special gift our little niece gifted him with, and we had to head home... but before we did, here is what we/I acquired...
From left to right...
1. Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat - I have 3 nails that just continually split... it drives me insane... I have over 300 bottles of polish... I can't take not painting my nails for months on end, waiting for them to grow out... I want this to work so bad... I hope it does.

2. KoboGlo - I need to drop some purse weight... and I really like the idea of having more than one book at a time... I could no longer resist the awesome practicality of Kobo. I purchased KoboGlo... which has a built in light for night or low light reading... Set up is extremely easy... and I already purchased a book... it was only $0.66 CAD :)

3. Kobo Cover - (sale item) I was drawn to this blue one... I liked the color, but more than that I liked that it zips up all around, so no purse dust on my kobo :)

4. Holiday Cards - (sale item) It's what I'll be sending out for Holidays 2013 :)

5. White Owl Snow Globe - (sale item) This snow globe is so awesome, it makes me want to youtube just so I can show it off better :) It retailed for $24.50 CAD prior to Boxing Day... and only $6.00 CAD yesterday :)

6. White Owl Candle - (sale item) Owls were everywhere this year... this candle is so pretty... and 75% off :)

7. Boscia Cleansing Cream - (sale item) behind the owl candle... Sephora had select items that were Boxing Day specials for only $12.00... while quantities last, and limit 2 per person. I was only interested in Boscia. This cleanser retails for $31 regularly, I didn't want to pass it up. However it is also for normal to dry skin types... so not for me... but I already know who I will gift it to :)

8. Giant 3 wick Winter Berry Candle - (sale item) Found this beauty at Pottery Barn... regularly priced at $103 CAD... but we paid only $41 CAD... that's including taxes... it will be my 2013 Holiday candle... can't wait to light it up :)


  1. I love the owl snow globe! So cute!

    1. i know white on white... the SA couldn't believe we found one at 11:30am... she said it was the first thing that really sold out... luck was on our side :)

  2. Awhh how cute is the owl candle! Hope you had a great time :) I personally hate boxing days :) and this comes from a shopping addict :) x Marina
    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

  3. I used to hate Boxing Day, but for the past 5 years or so, it has become a sort of tradition for my husband and I to go out... we limit ourselves to only one street/neighborhood, and just have fun with it :)