Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cover FX Clear Prep Matte Foundation Primer & Anti-Acne Treatment Gel

I actually don't know where I acquired this primer. It's a small 15ml (0.5 fl oz) tube and I can't for the world remember if I bought it or it was a gwp or what... However it is sold in Shoppers Drug Mart and in Sephora. At Sephora a 30ml (1 lf oz) tube retails for $39.

Cover FX has a few different primers. Depending on your skin type and needs you have a range of choices. I of course naturally gravitated towards one formulated for acne prone skin... or it was chosen for me... seriously I don't know how I got this!

But anyways, my tube is almost all done and I thought a little write up was due about it before the end of 2012.  Because I seriously think this will become my primer of choice. I am infatuated with this stuff, and I've become convinced that is has reduced the frequency of my breakouts.
Clear Prep is a semi-opaque gel that goes on very smoothly. It's non-sticky, light and very easy to blend. It does have a light medicinal scent to it, that I forgive because otherwise it's very awesome.  It's prabem, oil, and fragrance free. It claims to prevent and heal existing breakouts... I absolutely agree with that. It also claims to blur lines and pores... which I just never buy. As well it is formulated to mattify and control oil... maybe for some, but on my face no matter what I do, it all starts to give out by hour 4 or so and touch ups are needed.

Top ingredients which have me believing in this product (from Sephora website)
- Willowbark Extract: Gentle anti-bacterial and cell exfoliator that clarifies skin and reduces sebum buildup.
- Natural Fruit AHA: Increases cell turnover to unclog pores and allows drainage.
- African Bark Extract: Reduces sebum pore size skin shine and inflammatory acne blemishes.

The first ingredient listed is Salicylic Acid... yes and yes. I will try to use up other primers that I've acquired over time... but I'm repurchasing this as soon as the tube runs dry... I don't know why my face should have to do with out it. I don't buy into the claims or pore minimization or oil control... but it does a bang up job at keeping the unwanted guests away... a lot fewer are coming to visit on my face since I started to use this anyways... and that makes it worth a repurchase :)

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