Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dior Sérum de Rouge in Raspberry #760

I had a coupon for $8 off for any product at The Bay. The minute I got that coupon I knew what I was buying. I wanted a Dior Sérum de Rouge for about 6 months now, but the $40 CAD price tag kept my wallet in my purse.  While $32 is still a lot for a lip product, I just couldn't resist treating myself.

I chose a pretty reddish-berry color #760 Raspberry. The product comes in a quintessential Dior style packaging... quilted-navy pen type applicator with silver accents... two clicks dispense the perfect amount... well that's what I read anyways... sometimes I can get away with just one.
And this is more than just lipstick, it's a lip treatment infused with some fabulous ingredients that will make your lips more firm and plump and smooth and moisturized in about 30 days. At least that's the claim in the pamphlet that came with it, made by some dermatologist and 33 women...
I don't know about all the claims, but regardless I really, really like this lipstick/ lip treatment... it's super smooth and creamy. Doesn't smell or taste like anything which is great. Applies evenly with a nice sheen.
Since I am a self confessed lipstick eater, I'm not surprised when I need to reapply after 2 hours or so... I'm not sure if it's me or if it's the product... regardless I have my eye on #645 as well :)

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