Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

Found myself at the Pacific Mall few weeks back.  I've never been, so I wanted to see what's it was all about. Didn't buy much, just some face masks and this liquid eyeliner. This is my second liquid eyeliner, my first one is from Shu Uemura but it's more of an accent... it being a pearly white. Dolly Wink purchase is my first real venture into liquid eyeliners.
I chose brown as I find it more wearable... for me at least. The tip is not felt, I think it's a brush... tappers to a very fine tip.  I find this pen style easy to maneuver and control... great for a beginner like myself.
Color... well brown of course :) Once applied this stuff stays put...
It wasn't cheap... with taxes I spent $27 CAD and some change on it. While I don't see myself venturing to Pacific Mall anytime soon (just too far for me)... I am happy with my Dolly Wink intro into liquid eyeliners :)

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