Friday, December 21, 2012

earth to body skin nutrition - lavender rose linen water

Here is another item that I've purchased from Earth to Body... a lavender rose linen water.  It's a small bottle only 80ml and it cost me $9 CAD. I ordered it online I didn't look at the size... part of me wishes their products came in two different size options. I loved the idea of spraying my bedding with it, but it seemed I would run out of it in record time, because refreshing your sheets isn't the only use this is good for. This product is anit-viral, antiseptic, disinfectanting with gentle cleaning and toning properties that can be used as the following (from their site):
  • body wash and vaporizer
  • fresh mist for linens and clothes
  • spritz to re-scent natural lavender flowers or buds
  • natural room spray to repel dust mites and fleas in the air, on drapes on bed linens, and where pets sleep
  • spritz or compress on skin (adults, children, pets)
  • calming room spray for infants
  • healthy alternative for baby wipes
  • personal and non-allergic perfume mist
  • after sun spray
  • calming spray on acne
  • maintenance for ph balance
  • ideal mix with our Clay-Neem as facial mask
Now I would never use this as a body wash... 80ml wouldn't get me very far. But I have used this on my linen and my face, both as a refresher and a mask with clay-neem.  It smells delicious more lavender than rose, so you have to love lavender to love this :). However to my nose it dissipates quite quickly and I'm tempted to reach for it and spray it again. Trust me this needs to come in 180ml bottle not 80ml one.

It has three main ingredients: water, organic lavender grown in the Niagara region of Canada, and wild roses from Bulgaria (not commercially cultivated). Both ingredients are pesticide and fertilizer free. Store it in the fridge to preserve the ingredients but also because it feels awesome when it's all nice and chilly and you spritz your face with it. Very refreshing. I think this would be ideal on a hot humid summer day.


  1. It sounds wonderfully refreshing to spray this on my face on a hot summer day. :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. yes.. already looking forward to July :)