Monday, December 10, 2012

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream Skin Protectant

So the story goes like this. A very, very long time ago (1930) a son of a client of Elizabeth Arden scraped his knee. Elizabeth whipped up a concoction and applied it to the scrape. Eight hours later (hence the name) the boy's boo-boo was healed, and a cult favorite was born. The formula of which has been unchanged since.  Elizabeth also used this balm on the legs of her horse (she was an avid equestrian)... I'm sure the horse appreciated it :)

It has numerous uses: moisturizer (lip and hands especially), cheek and eye highlighter, brow smoother, callus softener, after sun or post shave skin healer, winter dry-skin saver... and the list goes on...

I can attest to a couple of these. One, I had a weird dry scaly hurting patch on my wrist, moisturizing it didn't really soothe it. Two days of using Eight Hour Cream, you could barely tell that it was there at all. As well I've been moisturizing my hands with it along with my Jurlique hand cream, and my hands and cuticles never felt or looked better. My husband used it as a lip balm, his chapped lips renewed after just one application.
see my weird lesion
two days later... all gone... blue dot marks the center of my has been lesion :)
 It's an amber-apricot shade in color, with a sort of herbal-medicinal scent. It starts to melt on and into your skin the minute you apply it's very oily/greasy and I love it. If you use it on your hands/cuticles it's best to do it at night, I slap a pair of gloves on after I do, so as not to stain my sheets.
I had a tiny 15ml of this, but I picked up a full sized tube a week after playing around with my trial size. It's magic... I swear.


  1. What’s the ingredient list of this magic potion?

    1. completely un-magical :)
      petrolatum, salicylic acid, vitamin E, lanolin, mineral oil, tocopherol, bhp, castor seed oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, fragrance, citral, citronella, geraniol, limonene, linalool, propylparaben, iron oxides