Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holika Holika face sheet masks

I love face masks in sheet form. They are a perfect treat when one is soaking in a tub of bubbles with a glass of vino and a good read... at least that's how I like to spend my Friday nights :)

I picked these up at the Pacific Mall the one time I went... they were $2 CAD each. I just grabbed 5 that appealed the most to me:
Pomegranate - to help with vitality for vivid smooth skin
Cucumber - to help keep my skin well moisturized and fresh
Tomato - contains vitamin A, C, and K for soft supple skin
Blueberry - contains violet anthocyanin to help keep my skin fresh and young
Red Ginseng - helps with elasticity
Instructions on the back are mostly in Korean, but they do have a little spot with English version as well... and just in case the little pictures are pretty self explanatory. Arrange on cleansed face, leave on for 15-20min (sometimes I go longer), remove, and tap in any residual mask into skin. Since I enjoy these mask during bath time, I tap in, soak some more and then wash my face.

I'm going to need some more soon... I have my eye on the ones from SK-II... Cate Blanchett has me craving that skin care line something fierce....