Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jurlique Hand Cream

I love a good hand cream. On a random visit to Sephora some time ago I spotted Jurlique products on the shelf. This line is natural, and pricey. A sample smear of their Rose hand cream, smelled and felt so wonderful I decided I wanted a tube. But a single one retails for $32 CAD, it only made sense to grab a value box of three... and try Lavender and Citrus as well.
Inside, each hand cream is packaged in its own themed box... All three flavors contain safflower and macadamia oils, but they also differ of course :) Citrus distinguishes itself with tangerine, mandarin, and lemon; Lavender with lavender; and Rose with rose of course :) along with several other indulgent ingredients.
The tubes are sealed, so you know upon opening if yours has been tampered with or not.
I love popping the seal...
This cream is luxurious, rich, and very moisturizing. I have Rose in my purse, Citrus by my bedside, and Lavender will soon find a place next to our bathroom sink. Color a very pale yellow is also very pleasing :) But it's the texture and the aromatherapy as I'm moisturizing my hands that I'm loving... the fragrance of each is so yum...
The only drawback is the price per amount of course. Each tube is only 40ml and retails for $32. A 120ml will either set me back $62 CAD (as per box) or $96 if purchased separately... while a 150ml tube of L'Occitane is only $30 CAD... a bargain in comparison. Still I will most likely treat myself to some more Jurlique hand creams in the future... as long as there is some sort of a deal on a set :)


  1. I love the Jurlique rose hand cream - nicest one out there in my opinion! The smell is heavenly :)

    1. it is the one I receive most compliments on when applying in public :)