Sunday, December 23, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté True Colour Eye Shadow in Spicy

The great find at Winners...LMdB shadows... here are some pics of my first one. First I really like LMdB packaging, the rubberized compact feels sturdy and solid. The texture quite pleasing in my hand.
Good quality mirror inside... that I've never relied on, but still strangely like.
As you can see the shadow hasn't been touched at all, not even by me. It's like a miracle to find anything cosmetic at Winners that isn't shrink wrapped or encased in it's own plastic container and protected by an alarm, that doesn't look like a tester from Sephora :). I can't describe my disbelief when I pried it open, to find it in pristine condition... I think those of you who frequent Winners and their cosmetic aisle do understand though :)
The shadow is called Spicy, and it is an absolutely gorgeous shimmery bronze with gold undertones.
The thing that makes LMdB shadows so special is their texture... they're "quadruple milled" as stated on their website; incredibly soft and smooth, easy to blend, with awesome color payoff.
Lastly this mint condition shadow cost me only $19.99 CAD, compared to $30.00 USD it regularly retails for... sweet! :)


  1. Great find! I love Spicy :) It was one of my first LMdB's shadows!

    1. the thrill of the find is pretty sweet :)