Monday, December 31, 2012

Why Fashion magazine? Why?

So a few days ago I received my February 2013 issue of Fashion magazine... yup a week before the new year begins and I already got month 2 issue :)
This issue has the Beauty Awards. Every year for the past 11, Fashion magazine has put together a list of Reader's Choice products. There are 6 categories:
1 - makeup (2 page spread)
2 - hair (1 page spread)
3 - face (2 page spread)
4 - body (2 page spread)
5 - nails (1 page spread)
6 - fragrance (1 page spread)

Several categories have two favorites, one is usually a drug store brand, and the other something more upscale. So this is very nice, and I always enjoy reading these types of lists. But what annoyed me with this issue is the image attached to each category. Beautifully photographed, but all the products have the labels stripped from the packaging (or Photoshopped out... I'm not sure), and none of them look like the actual favorites. I don't get it, if there is a list of favorite products, why not photograph the actual Readers' Choices???

Let me show you what I'm talking about. One of the makeup pages looks like this (that's the format of all the pages, majority is taken up by the photo, with favorites listed underneath).
Now for this makeup category the affordable favorites are all Cover Girl and one Physicians Formula, all the upscale favorites are from MAC. But in the photo all I see is Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Guerlain, YSL... that mosaic compact might be Physicians Formula... but I'm not sure.  What's this all about, just because the label is removed doesn't mean we don't know what brand the product is...

I don't know I'm just so annoyed by this...

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