Sunday, January 13, 2013

All Things Jill Honey Therapy Hand & Body Creme

Acquired at the "One of a Kind Show" in November. My husband loves this company for their tattoo butter.  If you enjoy putting permanent art on your body or thinking about some, you might want to check it out. 

But this post is about what I use, and at the show I fell in love with the scent of this body cream. I keep thinking I smell almonds, but there is no almond oil listed in the ingredients… still it smells so good.
It has nice thick consistency (little goes a long way), but it is light and fast absorbing… qualities many out there will appreciate… but not me. I like my lotions/creams a bit heavy, a bit greasy, a bit everything more. So even-though maybe this would work fine on it's own, I need to mix it with Kiehl's Creme de Corps. The best lotion ever! and an ideal carrier.  By mixing the two I create the perfect potion for my body. It also prevents me from using up the good smelling stuff too fast :)
Will I repurchase?… Possibly next time I find myself at the show, and if the scent is just as appealing then as it is now. But I'm not in a hurry, because I received some delicious creams in December, and the hard decision each night is which one to mix up with Kiehl's :)

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