Saturday, January 5, 2013

Avène Thermal Spring Water

So this brand has quite a little story behind it... and it's a good one :)

In 1736 Marquis of Rocozels had a horse (hmmm just like Elizabeth Arden :)). Unfortunately the horse had a severe skin disease. The Marquis let the horse loose in the mountains of France... I guess he loved it, and didn't want to put it down... so instead he let it go in the wild... hmmm maybe he didn't love it... I'm sure France has wolves... anyways the horse wanders through the mountains and stumbles upon the thermal spring near Avène. It drinks from it. Now I don't know how long the horse lingered near the water, or how much he drunk... but eventually it ventures back to the Marquis...its skin healed, it's coat shiny... The Marquis awed at the miraculous recovery of hist steed plants a flag at the spring, and skin challenged masses have been flocking to the site ever since. Seriously this spring is so popular and so legendary in France, that the French government actually subsidizes its citizens visits to the Avène's Hydrotherapy Center. The waters of Avène claim to heal dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, burns... and on and on... basically something's wrong with your skin, slap some Avène on it :)

Now you may be thinking "how much is miracle water worth?" Well flying to France might be pricey... but fortunately Canadian beauties need to venture only as far as their nearest Shopper's Drug Mart to find it. It's a mid-priced line I would say... really quite affordable for all the good it claims to do.

The range is quite extensive. There are products for: intolerant, dehydrated, oily, aging, dry, redness prone skin, as well body care, sun care and men's care. Each product contains some % of the thermal water. I decided to just go for the pure thing and purchased myself Avène Thermal Spring Water (mid November)... 100% magic water and nitrogen gas (non-flammable and ozone friendly). It comes in three sizes: 50, 100, and 300ml. I got  300ml ($21 or $22 CAD) for my beauty shelf at home.

Some other noteworthy facts:
- This water is rich in silicate and trance elements and it soothes, calms, softens, protects, and purifies.
- It's low in mineral salt so it won't dry out or sting the skin (can be used on open wounds).
- It's naturally bacteriologically pure, and the manufacturing process is setup in such a way that the first time this water is exposed to light is when it hits your skin.
Use it anytime anywhere you want. I spray it on after I wash and tone my face in the morning and at night, to set my makeup (although careful not to overdo on this one), before and after a workout... and whenever I feel like it during the day.

Have I noticed any difference? Yes. I hope it's not just in my head though :) But I love this water. It feel so refreshing, soothing, and calming... I feel as if my skin is more even, and any unwanted guests that come to visit, don't stay around for as long. I've already acquired a second bottle, and next time I visit SDM I'll add a smaller version to my purse... in my head or not, I want this on my face everyday, several times a day :)


  1. I love the Avène creams!!!! :) They work so well for me.

    1. that's awesome! I think I want to try some more stuff from this range

  2. Great review, I used to get this and liked it but can't think why I stopped using it so will have to pick up some more now that you remind me :)

    1. I don't know how I lived without it until now :)