Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Cream

It's a mini tube that came with this set. Now that's it's winter time in Toronto, I tend to double up on my eye creams. I use two in the morning and two at night. Double the stuff double the results… right? :)

Jurlique makes such nice products, but the line is so pricey. I already adore their hand creams, I didn't know if I had enough in my wallet to also adore this eye cream.
 So my first impressions of my sample were pretty sweet. The cream is a pretty pale yellow color; and while I was using it, it had a pleasant light creamy texture, and absorbed quickly. Did not travel, and had a very light herbal scent.

It promised to "help brighten, de-puff & revitalize"... hmmm well I had hard time observing any of the above as I put this on before bed, but I did wake up with nicely soft and relaxed under eye area. However I'm also at a point in my life where my eye cream has to do more... line reduction/prevention, some anti-aging benefits and such... I don't need to de-puff as much as I need to make my eye area look plump and youthful... so I was enjoying my sample, but had no future plans to repurchase.  
I also liked this packaging; because a tube is more sanitary than a jar, and more practical than something with a pump (which is never efficient at dispensing all of the product).  But it should have been made of plastic, because one day I unscrew the cap and squeeze some on my finger and the cream had gray streaks in it. I didn't understand why until I looked closely at the threads on the tube... it seems the cream reacts with the aluminum or whatever material the outside is coated in, and I just don't get all warm and fuzzy about the idea of putting this around my eyes... so I'll be parting with this more than half full sample... and I'm sorry for it, because the product itself is rather nice. I wonder if the full sized version is aluminum or plastic?

See gray specks in the cream?
 The gray crud around the threads...
 Yuck... grossness....


  1. eeeek... Jurlique should do something about this. I've never tried anything from them before... thanks for sharing this. Very helpful!

    1. I've tried a few of their things, and everything has been great except this eye cream. Hopefully they'll address their packaging.