Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in Rio de Janeiro

A Winners find :) I bought because of the brand, not because I was in I love with the color... although it is pretty and I do wear it... but honestly it's because of the label that I put this in my basket.
The packaging is sleek and simple, a black rubberized case. It feels sturdy. There were 26 different shades named after vacation spots around the world, but only this one ended up at my Winners... well only this one that wasn't sampled to death. In the picture below you may note that the tip is missing... I did that when in my excitement I tried to put the cap on, without rolling down the lipstick first...
Rio de Janeiro is a frosty magenta pink. While the color isn't my fave exactly, the formula is pretty outstanding. Or maybe I should say it's not a color that I gravitate towards naturally... and it's not necessarily a bad thing to mix up my collection a bit :)
LMdB makes a creamy, velvety lipstick that sits and wears very comfortably. It's lightly moisturizing, and the frosty sheen isn't too garish. It's just great formulation, and I look forward to acquiring more shades eventually.
Here it is on my lips... I like it... don't love it... but no regrets with the purchase.

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