Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam

I am on a never-ending journey of improving my complexion. My wanderings have led me to try a Korean line, Sulwhasoo (I have no idea how to correctly pronounce this). It is a part of the AmorePacific Corporation... products branded under AP name are available at Sephora, but not this stuff.

A little bit about the line first. Sulwhasoo is a Korean holistic skin care line. It combines Asian wisdom and Korean aesthetic in all their products... Ying and Yang. Each product contains a mixture of two key components Jaeumdan and Jaeumdoweedan. Complicated no?
Jaeumdan is composed of: Chinese Peony, East Indian lotus, small solomonseal, white lily, and adhesive rehmannia.
Jaeumdoweedan is composed of: Yai Jiu Hua, mountain peony, satsuma mandarin, ladybells, matrimony vine, adlay millet, and kobon.
And a 500 year refining process, called the Poje Method treats each component to maximize it's healing and beautifying benefits.
Or at least that's what I've gathered from my readings :), I could by way off here..

Reading and learning about this line, had the effect of a spell being cast. I jut wanted to try something. I decided to try a cleanser first... basic yet crucial... also the most friendly price wise.

...and well... I'm going to stop my exploration at the cleanser, because the scent put me off trying anything else. It's not completely horrible (I'm sure appealing to some), and I am getting used to it as I go along, but it's just a strange combination of lemon and pine to my nose. While I can tolerate this in a cleanser, I know I'd detest it in a face cream.... and actually I don't know what their face creams smell like, but I'm just not willing to spend my own money to find out.

Other than the in your nose 'GOOOOOD MORNING' I get each day using this, this is a pretty decent face wash. It foams nicely, as it is the foam that supposed to gently lift the dirt from the surface, and your fingers don't need to tug on your skin... or so I read.
I've had no adverse reaction to it so far, even with the strong fragrance... no unusual breakouts, no dryness, no rashes :)

So I'll use it up... and that's it.

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