Friday, February 8, 2013

Almay One Coat Get Up & Grow Mascara

Kate Hudson uses it... or so I read in a magazine :) I decided to spend $15 CAD and give it a whirl. Plus I liked the "get up & grow" headline... My shade is 010 blackest black... and whenever I see that color I always wonder about the difference between it and just a black shade... but I didn't want to spend another 15 bucks to find out...
This mascara promises to lengthen and strengthen, protect lashes with it's "anti-breakage pro-vitamin formula", and provide clump free wear all day long.
I like the brush, I like the way it grabs on to my lashes and coats them. The promise holds and this formula goes on clump free. It makes my lashes look fuller, thicker, and yes even longer.
It wears all day long... but only on my top lashes... In the images below you'll notice I didn't coat my bottom lashes.  This is because it smudges. An hour into my day I would have nice black unintentional raccoon eyes :) Yet strangely I still love it... I apply a different mascara on my bottom lashes, one that doesn't deliver on top and is waterproof.  Below left side with Almay mascara, right side no mascara.
I just love the oooph my lashes get each morning I use this... even with the smudgy side effects when used on the bottom lashes, I still think I want to repurchase this.
Blackest black is also incredibly pigmented. When I take this off at the end of the night with my Boscia oil, this basically turns my whole face gray.
And lastly my lashes feel soft even when this dries down. So not to be worn on rainy, snowy, uber humid days... or if you suspect you might be crying... or on your bottom lashes, like ever.  Otherwise this mascara is great :) I know this review is sort of contradicting, but in the end I seriously like this stuff, it just has some restrictions when wearing it.

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