Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Aveda Foot Relief

Love my lemony Aveda hand cream, and so a little while ago I decided to give Aveda foot cream a try as well. Packaging makes me very happy. I always prefer a tube or a jar to a bottle with a pump.
The cream is thick and with a light pleasant lavender-peppermint scent. It doesn't feel greasy, but does feel very moisturizing. I love to slather this all over my feet after a shower/bath, then slap a pair of socks on and let the moisturizer do its thing.
I don't have crazy dry feet, because I'm a lotion addict, but I'll definitely give another tube of this a go... it softens, smooths, moisturizers, exfoliates, and deodorizes all in one. It was a good buy :)

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