Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Korres Evening Primrose Eye Cream

I picked this up at SDM a few months back. I needed some eye cream, hadn't researched anything new, but didn't want to re-purchase anything I've tried to date. I chose this Korres eye cream because the tube is really generous, 20 ml (.68 fl oz), and it cost me $40 CAD I believe.  I consider that a reasonable amount.
I like the packaging, and I like the creamy consistency of this cream. But I dislike the scent... other reviewers describe it as flowery... to me it smells weirdly of plastic. Over the past weeks I've grown used to it... but I'm not liking it.
This cream is rich in evening primrose oil, which supposedly helps in reducing fine lines, diminishing dark circles, and hydrating the delicate eye area. Well I'm not seeing much improvement on the first two claims... and as for hydration... not as much as I would like.

I think I would have liked this more 10 years ago, when the signs of maturity weren't so visible around my eyes as they are now :) It's creamy, yet light, fast absorbing, but also weirdly scented... so maybe I wouldn't have liked it back then either... Either way, money spent, product will be used up, and then forgotten...

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