Saturday, March 9, 2013

IT Cosmetics Blush Brush

Not only do I love my IT Cosmetics matte blush, I simply adore the brush it came with. This is a perfect brush for a perfect blush. It is slanted, with a great design. The clear plastic ball in the center, somehow helps to position the brush in my hand, for a comfortable easy blending job.
As with all IT Cosmetic brushes, it is synthetic, and incredibly, and I mean incredibly soft. It's semi dense and picks up just the right amount of product when lightly tapped in my blush compact. The cut, angle, and size are ideal for my cheek... I couldn't be happier with this addition to my brush collection.
It has also been deep cleaned several times... water and soap... and dried using the best item I ever bought from Sigma. It has not shed a hair... not a one... I am a huge fan :)

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