Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector (shade #10)

I have thin sparse very light brows and I dye my hair a very dark brown :)  If I don't fill in / define my brows they are practically invisible. So daily I fill them in, and the one time I didn't and my sister saw me she exclaimed "I didn't know your brows were so light"... oh yes they are, they are, borderline non existent.

I have used powder shadows, and pencils, and then one day I decided to also add this product from MUFE to my collection, because of the claim of smudge-proof and long lasting, and because I felt like a change.

It comes in three shades #10-light blonde, #15-blonde, and #25-ash.  After a quick swatch of each I decided on the lightest shade #10 because this gel is so incredibly pigmented that I felt it was dark enough. You might think that since I dye my hair dark brown I should have gone for the darkest shade, but I felt that would not suit me. My brows are blonde I need to darken and define, I don't want to look I used a sharpie pen on my face. Plus I use henna, it tends to fade over time.
Below a quick swatch of he color. I feel as if it comes across lighter than it is, but you'll probably swatch some of your own before buying :) The great thing about it is, that you need the tiniest of dots. I use a slanted brow brush that came with this Anastasia set. I place a dot of color on my brush, and then gently touch the brush in 3-5 spot on my brow, then I begin to fill and blend, and presto in about 10s it is properly defined :)
I like this stuff a lot. It delivers on it's claims: it lasts and doesn't smudge. It is waterproof but I didn't get my face wet to test if it stays on, and at the end of the day I use my oil cleanser first, so I don't experience any issues with removal either. I don't know when I'll need to repurchase as my tube doesn't look used at all, but when the day comes I shall let you all know.

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