Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm

 It's lip series on my blog this week :)

I was drawn to this for two reasons: pretty packaging, and that gorgeous pale pink.

Seriously in my personal opinion those are the best features of this balm. I really love the tin, which can double as a mirror in a pinch. But packaging alone isn't worth a purchase, and neither is color.

Maybe if I have never tried my Givenchy obsession, I might like this... but there is no point in dwelling on 'maybes' because I have, and sorry Bobbi but your lip balm is sub-par when compared. I find it thick and waxy.... and well... not worth the price.  Also while it doesn't have any discernible scent (to my nose)... it does have a slight cosmetic taste. Yes cosmetic, not fruity not vanilla... but as if you sprayed the mildest perfume in your mouth... it's not offensive or gag inducing because I stress it is very very faint... but it's there.

It's something I have to use up... and while I do remind myself why I want to be a savvy shopper not an impulsive one... although if not for the impulse I would have never found Givenchy.... le sigh...


  1. This looks so pretty. such a shame its not as good as you hoped. x

    1. i know, it looks great on my bathroom shelf... but they need to reformulate the product..

  2. I didn't even know BB had a lip balm in a tin like this! I guess that shows how not so great it is, eh?