Monday, April 15, 2013

Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Shower Gel

Whenever I find myself at Sephora I tend to pause and sample this line. They do make some very tempting stuff. Also this is the exclusive line used at the Miraj Hammam Spa at the Shangri-La hotel in Toronto.  One of the most expensive if not the most expensive spas in TO... I haven't been, at this time I don't wish to spend that kind of change.

Back to the shower gel; one of the most affordable items at $12 CAD for 200ml tube. A biodegradable plant-based formula for sensitive and delicate skin. It is non-irritating and soap free and suitable for everyone.

This stuff has a soft, light type of lather that disperses quickly. I do like the formulation, and the feel of this shower gel. It rinses clean without any residue left on my skin.

However I am not a fan of the scent. Description on the back: "white rose, pink pepper and watermelon evokes the precious grape blossom".  Now I have never had the pleasure of smelling a grape blossom in person, but if this is it, it does not appeal to my olfactory senses. The scent is light and does not linger once the suds are rinsed off, so that's a plus.

What it smells like? Ok, you won't be able to relate to this, and I don't know why this is what I smell when I pour this out on my hand... but brain and memory is so freaking freaky.... I grew up in a tiny village... We had a small family farm, big enough to grow fruits and veggies for ourselves, and the chickens we had. So, to have our own chickens, my parents bought baby chicks. A number that was divisible by three, because at the time I had two sisters, and we are relatively close in age.... we'd divvy up the baby chicks and play house.... uhhh see what I mean, you can't relate... no barbie for me... it was baby chicks. While they were tiny, and had fluff instead of feathers they lived in a special enclosure under a special light to keep them warm and healthy. That's where my sisters and I would spend a lot of our time, feeding and arguing over which chick belonged to whom... because really they all looked alike... yellow, fluffy, and irresistible. And that's what this shower gel smells like to me... that scent that was in that place while the baby chicks were maturing... it's an incredibly happy scent, but is sooooo not something I want to shower with :) 

When you find yourself in Sephora go and smell this stuff, and call me crazy... because I know you'll probably pick up on the rose and watermelon... but for me it's just not there...

So to end this nutty ramble, while  I'm not in love with this particular product, Caudalie is against animal testing, which I love, so I'll keep sampling from this range.


  1. I'll have to see if I can find this at Sephora and give it a whiff lol. :-)

    ~ Yun

  2. LMAO this most made me laugh!! ahhhh the memories :)