Thursday, April 11, 2013

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm in Peach Glow and Rosy Glow

It's mission impossible to find Peach Glow... well it was for me until I found myself in Vegas. Then after I gambled away $2... lady luck smiled on me and I found one (just one) Peach Glow at one of the 3 Sephoras on the Strip.

I absolutely adore this product; and while spending $31 USD ($34 CAD) on this tiny pot makes my right eye twitch... I do it, because I'm addicted to it. I love a lot of pretty things, but I don't usually obsess over anything the way I find myself obsessing over this stuff. 

Throughout the day I use other lip products that I own and really like and love... but my fingers twitch wanting to reach for this and only this.

So Peach Glow is really deceiving in the pot. It's bright loud orange... there's nothing peachy about it.
I have already reviewed Rosy Glow here... and I was only going to swatch Peach Glow... but then realized that doesn't make much sense. I personally would want to see both side by side... and so that is what I'm presenting below.

Both are irresistibly gorgeous in the pots... one intimidatingly bright :)
Givenchy claims that these balms react with your skin chemistry for a perfectly personalized shade of rosy or peach. So this is what they look like on my arm.
These balms appear light  in these pictures, but trust me the more you layer and reapply the more the color intensifies, and either you'll have a bright pink pout at the end of the day or a lovely peach one :)
I love these... and I know I will repurchase... they're pricey... but if your budget allows it, and you are in the mood for a little expensive treat... well then... :)


  1. I am unable to find the peach color anywhere!
    Where can I purchase it?

    1. I've been looking for another peach one for the past two years... no luck... sadly I think it was limited edition.... wish they'd brink it back.

  2. Looking for peach too.
    Wonder if Givenchy would bring it back if they knew how popular it is?