Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OPI: Moon Over Mumbai - nail polish swatch

OPI the most popular nail polish line, I think. It's just such a familiar bottle and brush; and every time I check they have a new set of themed colors out. I can't keep up with OPI :) But every now and then I visit a beauty store nearby, look at the rainbow lineup, and if there is something that catches my eye... well it's hard to resist... at approximately $10 a pop, this polish doesn't hurt my bank account that much :)

What I chose to wear on my nails one day:
Essie First Base - base coat
OPI Moon Over Mumbai - color, two coats
Lancôme Disco Silver - accent on my ring finder
Deborah Lippmann On a Clear Day - top coat

This time around I did not use my Zoya drying drops, just to see if they make a difference... and they do, they sure do... I love those drying drops... my mani will never be complete without them.
I have a weakness for gray polishes... and this one is just so gorgeous. I could possibly have used three coats, but I always feel as if that's too thick... I rather have my nail line showing. Especially when the nail polish spreads evenly.
With its delicate shimmer, Moon Over Mumbai is simply dreamy...
Now I want to visit Mumbai, and look at the moon :)


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and subscribing. :) Now subbing back.

    Btw, those nails are remind me of pearls or moonstones. Rally great finish. Also, I didn't know Zoya made drying drops! I just bought one from Sally Hansen. And while they did work, it didn't work all the way. How long does the Zoya drying drops take to work?

    1. Hi and thank you.

      Hmmmmm answering your questions is a bit challenging, because once I finish my mani with the drying drops, I sit back relax and do nothing for about an hour :) So I know after that time my nails are perfectly dry :) But I have on occasion done simple things like reading, typing afer 15min or so and my nails did not smudge.

  2. Pretty manicure! My last post was a nail polish one! Love the sparkles haha :) Have a good day!
    Penny Rose

    1. thank you, I think nail polish is so addictive... well for me at least :)

  3. I love gray polishes as well! They suit every skin tone and look perfect with any color you pair it with. That sheer, gray polish is perfect...I personally would've done it with another coat but that looks great as well! :)
    I need to look into these Zoya drying drops!
    Anyway, thanks for following. :) Followed back! Have a great day!

    1. next time I think I will go with 3 coats just to see if my decision not to is justified :)

  4. You're right, that's such a dreamy and delicate gray! So pretty and classy! :-)

    ~ Yun