Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream with Copper PCA and Abyssine

 When I finished my Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, I decided to give another Kiehl's eye cream a try. This time I didn't want just moisturizing benefits, I wanted some fine line reducing claims as well. Que a cream with "Powerful Wrinkle Reducing.. " in the name.

The ingredients highlighted are:

Abyssine - a molecule that thrives in the extreme environment where magma and seawater mix... hmmm I don't know how hydrothermal environment relates to the under eye area but there you have it...

Caffeine - helps to reduce puffiness and simulate circulation

Calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate - I'm informed that it helps with brightness.

Apricot Oil and Shea Butter - responsible for moisture, suppleness, softness

So my fine lines have not disappeared... I'm not delusional enough to believe that they ever will, only more will come with time... but I do love this pale green eye cream. The texture is something in between gel and cream, and it doesn't have any scent. It feels very soothing and refreshing upon application, absorbs quickly, does not travel, and I'm hoping the super molecule is taking off 10 years from under my eye area as the days go by :)

At $44 CAD it falls somewhere in the middle price wise...  not exactly cheap (I'm sure it's quite a process to harvest this Abyssine), but not a bank breaker either (for me personally, we each know what our budget allows).

In the end I'm not sure if this is the "Powerful Wrinkle Reducing..." cream it claims in the name... but I don't regret buying it... the texture and feel are absolute winners... and I just need to start accepting all my fine lines... but acceptance does not mean I will not try as much wrinkle reducing, diminishing, erasing, smoothing products as I can, to try at least delay some of them... going under the knife is just not something I'm willing to do, but I'm a huge fan of science in a tube :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream

At one time I was in love with one made by L'Occitane (went through a few tubes), then one made by Aveda (few tube of this one as well)... but right now this one trumps them both. At half the size and retailing for $15CAD it's not exactly cheap, but it's so wonderful that I see several repurchases in the coming future. 

I picked up a tube at Sephora after I sampled a bit on the back of my hand. This cream is so incredibly thick and rich... and it doesn't smell like foot cream :), which is usually lavender, or mint, or rosemary... this is citrus delight (however since Caudalie is based around grapes... maybe I'm supposed to experiencing the scent of green grapes...) Anyways to my nose the scent is light and totally addictive...
I can't wait to slather this all over my feet each night...this is just such a balmy moisturizer. It makes my little piggies feel divine.... smooth, supple, and without any greasy or oily residue.
At this is a Caudalie product... it does not contain any of the following: parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs. It does contain fragrance... which is a "no no" to one person I know, and might be a "no-no" to others as well.

Fifteen bucks might be a lot for 75ml of product... but to someone who is seriously averse to even the slightest feel of dryness, this is worth it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Regret - Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

 My oh my.... my blog has been silent. Apologies to any faithful readers, occasional spot checkers, and random visitors :) I've just been dealing with some boring but utterly time consuming life stuff... and well I put a lot of things on hold. But I'm hoping to get back to my regular posting groove.

This post has been a long while in coming... it's a long one, to compensate for my long absence :)

OK, I don't know what's been happening with my nails... but shortly after Toronto Tough Mudder 2012 they went to s**t.  They were driving me crazy for months. Why you may wondering? Well after that event, they just started to split and wouldn't stop. By late November I was just so tired of looking at my fingers...

I have an OPI nail polish called Birthday Babe, that I have wanted to wear for my birthday... but splitting nails don't fare well with nail polish... so maybe next year.

On Boxing Day I splurged and bought Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat because of this little blurb on Sephora website:

"The owner of one of the largest manufacturers of nail polish formulated Gel Coat to address her own problems with nails that split and broke. She was so pleased with the results that she created the Perfect Formula brand to help other women achieve strong, beautiful nails." 

I felt she had my nails... so I bought myself a bottle. Now on Sephora website this little bottle is listed for $38 CAD, but I bought mine from a Sephora store on Bloor St, and it only cost me $30 CAD... I don't know what's with the discrepancy... but cheaper is always better :)

To use this, paint your clean bare nails with it. Remove weekly with any nail polish remover, and repeat. I started my weekly treatment on Dec. 27th... and here is the progress of my left hand.

Just look at those mangled nails. Also my cuticles got a beating as well... I didn't do my nightly hand moisturizer regimen for a few days prior to this, and they suffered terribly as can be seen. But it's the nails we're concentrating on... just look as this annoying splitting/peeling mess...
This stuff does give your nails a lovely smooth glossy sheen, and with repeated coats a nice sheer pink tinge of color. Sort of reminds me of Essie's Pink Glove Service.  Although under certain light conditions, they would appear light opaque lavender... which I didn't mind at all. It made me feel as if I was wearing actual nail polish :)

Look at the improvement in just a few days. I like to keep my nails as short as possible... so I file them a little bit each day... I was so excited, I thought by mid January I'd actually get to wear color on my nails... maybe that was a bit too optimistic...
Two weeks later, there wasn't much improvement....
Two weeks after that... I wasn't seeing any positive progress...
and in March I just threw my hands up in the air in resignation... it seems my nails were actually regressing... so I started to do some research...
and I stumbled upon this site, where I learned the following:

"Nail hardeners make this worse because the alcohols, formaldehyde and other chemicals in the nail hardeners really dry out your natural oils. (Crazy fact: Nail hardeners actually contain more of these chemicals than nail polishes!  It’s these chemicals that make the nails feel harder at first, but- whammo- after a few weeks the splitting is worse than ever.)"

This was so true in my case. While wearing the gel, my nails looked good, and felt fine... but the minute I took it off, they were a dry peeling mess... and wouldn't you know it formaldehyde is one of the ingredients in Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat. Once I read this I didn't not apply it again... and in a few weeks with good diet (lots of veggies and grains), obsessive moisturizing of my cuticles and nails, I was rewarded with the following...
So Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat was an expensive waste of time and product... big regret... no repurchase... ever...

On a side note, I saw this brand on the Shopping Chanel one night (it was a steal of get 2 for the price of 1)... the "owner" was on... basically she said that you must wear this gel at all times for perfect nails... and that is just not something I agree with.... or wish to spend any more of my money on...

On another side note... shortly after this last pic, I started to paint my nails like crazy, and now they are back to their messy peeling state. Because I'm mentally unbalanced instead of taking my own proven and tried method of eating right and moisturizing, I invested in a nail strenghtening product sold at my spa... I'll let  you know how much I regret it or not, in about 4 weeks :)

After all, this wouldn't be much of a beauty blog, if I didn't play with beauty :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013