Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream with Copper PCA and Abyssine

 When I finished my Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, I decided to give another Kiehl's eye cream a try. This time I didn't want just moisturizing benefits, I wanted some fine line reducing claims as well. Que a cream with "Powerful Wrinkle Reducing.. " in the name.

The ingredients highlighted are:

Abyssine - a molecule that thrives in the extreme environment where magma and seawater mix... hmmm I don't know how hydrothermal environment relates to the under eye area but there you have it...

Caffeine - helps to reduce puffiness and simulate circulation

Calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate - I'm informed that it helps with brightness.

Apricot Oil and Shea Butter - responsible for moisture, suppleness, softness

So my fine lines have not disappeared... I'm not delusional enough to believe that they ever will, only more will come with time... but I do love this pale green eye cream. The texture is something in between gel and cream, and it doesn't have any scent. It feels very soothing and refreshing upon application, absorbs quickly, does not travel, and I'm hoping the super molecule is taking off 10 years from under my eye area as the days go by :)

At $44 CAD it falls somewhere in the middle price wise...  not exactly cheap (I'm sure it's quite a process to harvest this Abyssine), but not a bank breaker either (for me personally, we each know what our budget allows).

In the end I'm not sure if this is the "Powerful Wrinkle Reducing..." cream it claims in the name... but I don't regret buying it... the texture and feel are absolute winners... and I just need to start accepting all my fine lines... but acceptance does not mean I will not try as much wrinkle reducing, diminishing, erasing, smoothing products as I can, to try at least delay some of them... going under the knife is just not something I'm willing to do, but I'm a huge fan of science in a tube :)

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