Monday, August 26, 2013

Love/Like - Naturelle D'Orient Marrakech Black Soap with Eycalyptus

I might have overpaid for this, I'm not saying it's no good, I'm just saying I don't know if $56 was the right amount. I'm pretty sure this should be only like half the price. But regardless it is on my bathroom shelf now. I just couldn't resist this jar of what looked like to be apricot jelly, and I needed some black soap too, it's just a great chemical exfoliator for the body.
The ingredient list is pretty sweet and simple as well: olive paste, water, olive oil, hydroxide of sodium, eucalyptus essential oil. The simple list equals a simple smell, and the name actually tells you exactly what it will be... ash and eucalyptus.
Consistency is pretty thick, which is very nice. The instructions for use... well... here they are:
"To recreate the benefits of the Hammam and to prepare your skin for traditional exfoliation, take a hot bath. The steam will encourage the action of the black soap. Lather the soap onto wet skin and leave for 10 to 20 minutes. Moisten the Kessa exfoliating glove in hot water, and scrub gently, using large movements. Rinse well. End with the application of a Naturelle d’Orient moisturizing care. "
Taking a hot bath sounds good, but what am I supposed to do while this sits on my skin for 10-20min... shiver???? I just don't have that much patience or endurance... I also don't have a "Kessa" glove... I don't know what one looks like either (need to google it)

However I do use it. Once a week I take a bath... once I'm all soaked out, I put on a pair of exfoliating gloves that I use daily in my shower, dip a couple of my fingers in the jar for some product, emulsify, lather up, and go to exfoliating town :) Once done rinse, dry, moisturize, and feel heavenly.

I love black soap, really the best at removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin silky smooth. Plus I think since this has olive oil in it, it's what gives me that supple feeling.

So I'm in love/like with this stuff. I love the results it gives me.... I hate how much I paid for it :) But I do know that I need black soap in my life... and maybe I won't be able to repurchase this again, but I will be repurchasing some form of it for my weekly ritual.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Like - Frederic Fekkai Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo

I mush a little bit of product into my hair every morning. I always hear about product build up and the benefits of a clarifying shampoo. So a few months back I picked up a bottle at Shoppers Drug Mart. I didn't do much research into clarifying shampoos at that time, I was at the store, it popped into my mind, I saw this one, and I didn't mind the price.

I use it once a week, usually on a Saturday, to remove any "build up" that has accumulated over the week. I don't think there is much of it in my case, but I just love products too much to conclude that I don't need it :)

I also liked the fact that it's an "apple cider" shampoo... I read somewhere that apple cider vinegar is good for your hair... or was it good as a toner???? hmmmmm either way I'm sure that this bottle doesn't contain enough of it to matter.

But this shampoo is very nice, and I do enjoying lathering it up every week. The scent is light, clean, and a bit fruity all at once. After a use any "build up" that I had, I have no more. My hair is left light and fluffy and ready for product once again :)

As I use this once a week, and I have short fine hair, and this shampoo is quite thick and rich, I only need a little bit for my needs , I'll be using this for quite a while. It's a good thing I like it :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Like - Caudalie Purifying Mask

I seem to be on a Caudalie roll. This mask was acquired quite some time ago, when Sephora had a 15% of sale. I had my eye on this product for a while, but somehow I just had an issue with paying $42 CAD ($40 USD) for a 50ml tube. But once the offer came around I decided to give it a try.

Since I have problem skin and this a purifying mask I set my hopes high. The marketing literature helped as well. The claims:
- two types of clays soak up impurities
- minimize the size of pores
- remove dead skin cells
- won't dry skin
I always feel reassured when a see a seal.
Under the seal key ingredients:
- zinc: regulates sebum
- linseed: anti-comedon
- kaolin and bentonite clays: purify
- cypress, sage, and lavender: astringents
Now on the packaging the instructions state to spread this thinly and evenly on wet skin, wait 10 minutes and rinse... and I do. This mask has an herbal scent, clean and comforting. It feels soft and smooth upon application, and eventhough it's a clay mask it never dries down to a tight cement like film. Once I've left this on for 45min, and I could still smile and talk without worry of cracking my face :) This feels more like a thick cream than a clay mask.
This is lovely on, and my skin has not complained... but it also didn't have any remarkable results. I am pleased to use it, I like the texture.... but I don't see myself repurchasing.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Love - Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream

My love for the ones made by Aveda and Jurlique hasn't diminished. It's just that now I have a holy trinity of hand creams to choose from, because I'm completely smitten with my latest addition from Caudalie.

Caudalie foot cream is a current fave, I needed to see if their hand cream is just as fabulous... and it is. One, it smells amazing, and not of grapes but soft sweet oranges. Two, it's non-greasy, and I mean absolutely no residue is left on your hands once you rub this in. The only indication that you have used this will be the absence of tightness and dryness.  Three, it claims to have anti-aging benefits, and I'm all about keeping my hands youthful.
At $19 CAD ($15 USD) for 75ml (2.5oz) it's not exactly a bargain, but then again it's not as ridiculous as Jurlique (which I'll probably spoil myself with once my birthday rolls around).

The tube comes sealed... so if you ever buy one that is not, you know it was tampered with.
Texture: rich, creamy, soft, decanted. It promises my skin softness, hydration, nourishment... and it delivers. The marketing blurb on Sephora also states that it will strengthen my nails... I can only hope.
If you are as obsessive about hand creams as I am, love Caudalie, and don't think that paying $19 for hand cream foolish... then I highly recommend you give this a try.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Love: Chantecaille Rose Eye Makeup Remover

This was one pricey purchase... I mean who in the world pays fifty bucks for an eye makeup remover!?
!?!? Well I do :)

Since I pre-cleanse with oil first, I remove 99% of my eye makeup at that time. I use this to gently sweep up anything I might have left underneath my eyes. Most of the time the tiny piece of cotton that I use comes away clean. I don't need a lot of product for my purpose. So while the bottle is small, the price tag excessive,  this will last me for months... and so I don't mind paying a lot for a little bit of luxury...

The packaging is lovely, a heavy (for it's tiny size) glass bottle, the bottom half of which is frosted. The ingredient list is also very inviting: rosewater, aloe, apricot... ect... Paraben free, vegan, and non-oily... fabulous...

Also while the consistency of this is not thick at all (it's just like water), the feel of this as I sweep it along my bottom lash line can only be described as creamy, balmy, buttery, also soothing, as well as moisturizing. I think of this as an eye cream in liquid form... I am loving it... It does not leave behind any residue, yet somehow after it dries, my under eye area feels more hydrated... I don't know how else to describe it. Chantecaille has a fan when it comes to this little bottle.

No regrets over spending such ridiculous money on an eye makeup remover... not even a little bit... But I would love for Chantecaille to have a gift with purchase one of these days :) hint, hint :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Video: Beauty Haul - July

The following is what I spent my pennies on in July... not all were necessary purchases :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Giant Regret - Kiehl's Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner

Ahhhh such high hopes for this stuff... such high hopes that were snuffed out.  I hate that this tiny bottle (125ml) cost me $30 CAD... and I regret ever putting this on my face.

It just goes to show you that no matter how many favorable and rave reviews you read about something... it does not mean that it will work for you the way it did for all those others.

This stuff sounds so great, alcohol free, for normal-to-oily skin type, made with whole flowers and pure extracts... and the most fabulous claim of all "may be used to improve problem areas".

I gave this stuff a go three separate times, because I just couldn't believe what was happening. But I just couldn't be in denial any longer. This has not improved any problem areas on my face, but it sure was the cause of several. Something in this bottle, made be break out... and not a tiny little whitehead... but huge massive painful breakouts... the kind that make you nauseous to just look at them, much less touch them. I got them on my jawline on both sides of my face, on both temples (terrifying)... and a horrendous beauty right smack in the middle of my forehead... I was never so glad to have bangs to try and hide that monster...

I have stopped using this toner a couple of weeks ago, the breakouts on my face are past their worst stage... but the marks that they left behind will haunt me for months... as will the fact that I spent so much money on something that has caused me so much discomfort...