Monday, August 19, 2013

Love - Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream

My love for the ones made by Aveda and Jurlique hasn't diminished. It's just that now I have a holy trinity of hand creams to choose from, because I'm completely smitten with my latest addition from Caudalie.

Caudalie foot cream is a current fave, I needed to see if their hand cream is just as fabulous... and it is. One, it smells amazing, and not of grapes but soft sweet oranges. Two, it's non-greasy, and I mean absolutely no residue is left on your hands once you rub this in. The only indication that you have used this will be the absence of tightness and dryness.  Three, it claims to have anti-aging benefits, and I'm all about keeping my hands youthful.
At $19 CAD ($15 USD) for 75ml (2.5oz) it's not exactly a bargain, but then again it's not as ridiculous as Jurlique (which I'll probably spoil myself with once my birthday rolls around).

The tube comes sealed... so if you ever buy one that is not, you know it was tampered with.
Texture: rich, creamy, soft, decanted. It promises my skin softness, hydration, nourishment... and it delivers. The marketing blurb on Sephora also states that it will strengthen my nails... I can only hope.
If you are as obsessive about hand creams as I am, love Caudalie, and don't think that paying $19 for hand cream foolish... then I highly recommend you give this a try.


  1. This sounds gorgeous, I love a good hand cream! x

    1. me too, I need to have a tube with me at all times :)

  2. I have also tried this before and loved it =] great review xx