Sunday, August 11, 2013

Love: Chantecaille Rose Eye Makeup Remover

This was one pricey purchase... I mean who in the world pays fifty bucks for an eye makeup remover!?
!?!? Well I do :)

Since I pre-cleanse with oil first, I remove 99% of my eye makeup at that time. I use this to gently sweep up anything I might have left underneath my eyes. Most of the time the tiny piece of cotton that I use comes away clean. I don't need a lot of product for my purpose. So while the bottle is small, the price tag excessive,  this will last me for months... and so I don't mind paying a lot for a little bit of luxury...

The packaging is lovely, a heavy (for it's tiny size) glass bottle, the bottom half of which is frosted. The ingredient list is also very inviting: rosewater, aloe, apricot... ect... Paraben free, vegan, and non-oily... fabulous...

Also while the consistency of this is not thick at all (it's just like water), the feel of this as I sweep it along my bottom lash line can only be described as creamy, balmy, buttery, also soothing, as well as moisturizing. I think of this as an eye cream in liquid form... I am loving it... It does not leave behind any residue, yet somehow after it dries, my under eye area feels more hydrated... I don't know how else to describe it. Chantecaille has a fan when it comes to this little bottle.

No regrets over spending such ridiculous money on an eye makeup remover... not even a little bit... But I would love for Chantecaille to have a gift with purchase one of these days :) hint, hint :)

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