Monday, August 26, 2013

Love/Like - Naturelle D'Orient Marrakech Black Soap with Eycalyptus

I might have overpaid for this, I'm not saying it's no good, I'm just saying I don't know if $56 was the right amount. I'm pretty sure this should be only like half the price. But regardless it is on my bathroom shelf now. I just couldn't resist this jar of what looked like to be apricot jelly, and I needed some black soap too, it's just a great chemical exfoliator for the body.
The ingredient list is pretty sweet and simple as well: olive paste, water, olive oil, hydroxide of sodium, eucalyptus essential oil. The simple list equals a simple smell, and the name actually tells you exactly what it will be... ash and eucalyptus.
Consistency is pretty thick, which is very nice. The instructions for use... well... here they are:
"To recreate the benefits of the Hammam and to prepare your skin for traditional exfoliation, take a hot bath. The steam will encourage the action of the black soap. Lather the soap onto wet skin and leave for 10 to 20 minutes. Moisten the Kessa exfoliating glove in hot water, and scrub gently, using large movements. Rinse well. End with the application of a Naturelle d’Orient moisturizing care. "
Taking a hot bath sounds good, but what am I supposed to do while this sits on my skin for 10-20min... shiver???? I just don't have that much patience or endurance... I also don't have a "Kessa" glove... I don't know what one looks like either (need to google it)

However I do use it. Once a week I take a bath... once I'm all soaked out, I put on a pair of exfoliating gloves that I use daily in my shower, dip a couple of my fingers in the jar for some product, emulsify, lather up, and go to exfoliating town :) Once done rinse, dry, moisturize, and feel heavenly.

I love black soap, really the best at removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin silky smooth. Plus I think since this has olive oil in it, it's what gives me that supple feeling.

So I'm in love/like with this stuff. I love the results it gives me.... I hate how much I paid for it :) But I do know that I need black soap in my life... and maybe I won't be able to repurchase this again, but I will be repurchasing some form of it for my weekly ritual.


  1. Oh I've never tried a black soap before! I usually too lazy to moisturize after showering. Is black soap a bit drying if you skip moisturizing?


    1. strangely this one isn't as one of the ingredients is "olive paste", but yes I would say that black soap can be a bit drying... thankfully I live to moisturize :)