Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Love - Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

I've had my eye on Sunday Riley for quite some time now. It made my heart glad once Sephora started to carry the line... not in our Toronto stores, but online... good enough.

I have a list of products I want to try... the Disrobe Body Lotion is on it, because of the name alone... but first I decided on the most basic and crucial product (in my regimen and in my opinion) a cleanser.

I wanted something simple for my morning ritual and this seemed to fit the bill with all the delicious ingredients and their "benefits": (from sephora.com)
-Refined French Green Clay: Tightens pores, removes impurities, and infuses skin with vital minerals.
-Vitamin C: Helps reduce the appearance of large pores, wrinkles, and discoloration while stimulating collagen growth.
-Black Pepper: Stimulates circulation for naturally warming cellular revitalization.
-Sandalwood: An anti-microbial agent that helps with skin irritation, inflammation, allergic conditions, and eczema; promotes radiance.

With each description I was nodding along "yes, yes, YES!"... I need to have this.

The bottle isn't big only 125ml (4.2 fl oz), while the price swings in the opposite direction at $45 CAD. This is a gelish type of cleanser, the color of which looks like something you'd find in your tissue after a good blow :)

On my first use I was taken aback by the scent, which is very strong, and makes me think of clean laundry for whatever reason. While strong, it's not disgusting, it dissipates quickly, and I became accustomed to it in a matter of days.  This is a non-foaming cleanser, which I also love. First thing in the morning I use my fingers to wash my face, not my Clarisonic, so the lack of bubbles is actually welcome.

And was it worth it? Absolutely. This is such a great treat to wake up with. It leaves my skin clean, refreshed, soft, supple (no tightness at all). My pores are still there, but I do believe they are not as congested. My skin tone is also becoming more even... but then again I'm using some brightening products, so I can't say it's all due to this cleanser. I rather doubt it, it's not on my skin for long and is rinsed off.

I do have two issues tough. One I dislike the name... I can't even tell you why... it just irks my brain. Two, the pump bothers me. To dispense this product I must press it quickly and firmly, making sure my other hand is in front of the nozzle or the product will shoot across the bathroom. Pressing the nozzle gently will result in the product leaking down the side, and not ending up in my palm. The nozzle also gets clogged occasionally, as this is a gel cleanser. So there you have it.

Still I see myself repurchasing this product because the stuff inside the bottle trumps my name and packaging issues. Currently it is sold out online at Sephora, but I'll be heading south in a few weeks, so I might restock in person :)


  1. This is on my wish list. It sounds fab x

    1. it is,no regrets with this purchase :)

  2. Thanks for a great review. Sounds fab apart from the pump! x

    1. yes, I'm waiting for the day this gets re-packaged but not re-formulated :)