Sunday, September 15, 2013

Love - Tarte multiplEYE lash enhancing liquid eyeliner

My relationship with liquid eyeliners is relatively new. This is the second one I've ever used (this first one doesn't really count as it's not suitable for every day). So for fear of it drying out I only use one "everyday" liquid eyeliner  at a time. Once this started to dry out, I was in the market for a replacement.

It wasn't an easy choice, as really I had no previous experience to base my purchase on. The blogosphere raves about one made by Lancome... but I wasn't swayed on my visit to Sephora. As well swatching liquid eyeliners is a bit of crapshoot, as majority of them have been tested and tried countless times and you'd be lucky if there is anything left to swatch.

I knew I didn't want a true black one, but I also didn't want anything like the brown shade I just used up. On a random stroll down the Tarte aisle (on my 3rd or 4th visit to Sephora to find an eyeliner), I picked this pen up, drew across the back of my hand, and knew this is the one. 

One I love that it's a pen. I just like the way if feels and fits in my hand. I feel in control.
Two I love the tip applicator. I find it easy to draw a fine line or to thicken it up. It also holds just enough color for easy smooth application. No dragging or tugging required, but also no globs of product. I haven't perfected the "cat eye" yet, but I hope to get there eventually.
Three I love the formula. It's smooth and rich and completely opaque in one stroke. It's also completely smudge proof, and fade proof, and it lasts all day. I line my lids at 7 am and at 7pm, post an Insanity workout it still looks perfect... or maybe I should say just as it had that morning.
Four I love the color. Now this is listed as black. But I find that it's nearly black... I might be color challenged. However to me this is more of a blackened brown, which I wanted in the first place.
Five, the ingredient list and claims are a bonus if they are true :) There is no such thing as lashes that are too full or too luscious :)
Grabbed this from
"Skinvigorating® benefits include: HydroPlant™ peptide, a naturally derived, proprietary blend clinically proven to increase lash softness, thickness, and appearance of length; pure water, which delivers and retains moisture; soybean extract, a plant-derived emollient rich in protein and vitamins A and E; and mineral pigments derived from natural minerals known to soothe and soften the skin."

Also made without:  parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, phthalates.

Love, love, love.

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